quartz armband bracelet

  • Turmalin-Quarz-Armband 60.99 

    ▫️ The tourmaline quartz bracelet is made of rock crystal beads with black tourmaline inlays, creating striking contrast and balance.
    ▫️ The bracelet is made of genuine tourmaline quartz, an alloy of rock crystal and black tourmaline, known for its powerful metaphysical properties.
    ▫️ The tourmaline quartz beads are polished to a smooth and shiny surface, highlighting their natural beauty and making them comfortable to wear.▫️ The Tourmaline Quartz Bracelet is said to have protective and grounding properties that promote mental clarity and balance.
    ▫️ The bracelet is strung on a durable, elastic cord, allowing it to comfortably fit most wrists without the need for a clasp.

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